Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend: Montrose Dog Beach!

Toby finally got his City of Chicago Dog Friendly Area permit, so this weekend we headed straight for Chicago's number one dog park - Montrose dog beach! 035

Toby knew something fun was in store when his usual Puppia harness was replaced by his dog tag collar, and he headed straight for the car. Because he has recently taken an interest in puddles after it rains, and especially likes to bite the bubbles in the water, I thought he might like to experience Chicago’s largest puddle – Lake Michigan!


Toby met some new friends…But about that lake…


Hmmm…not so sure about this…


Even though the waves were intimidating, Toby displayed the typical Cavalier bravery!



Can a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel swim? We still don’t know, because Toby never went out far enough for his paws to leave the ground. His face sure has a look of determination, though!


And he was extremely proud of himself when he got back!


Hey guys, why don’t we come here more often?


Showing off his wind-swept fur.